“Too many of us are despairing, mourning the loss of what we thought we had, bemoaning the state of our democracy, blaming others and forgetting our own responsibility. Let us be done with all that now … Yesterday is behind the mist of night. Today is the gift of new arising. Tomorrow is the dawn of our awakening. The coming day belongs  to us!”

This is the message of hope Allan Boesak leaves with the reader as he reflects on his thirty years of activism: in the church and in public life, in South Africa and around the world, as theologian and preacher and as politician and community leader.  The author’s reflections on each period in his life - which coincides with turning points in our nation’s history of the last thirty years or so - offer an invitation to embark on  an enlightening historical, political and spiritual journey.

Boesak also fully addresses, for the first time, the controversy surrounding his indictment for misapropriating international donations.


ISBN: 9780980275483


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Datum van publikasie: 15/06/08

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